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Mechanical craftsmanship
enhanced with
Advanced Engineering

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Areas where we stand out

Vehículo clásico. Coche antiguo.

Historic Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

Complete the Story
with all the parts

Vehículo de competición. Coche de competición.

Competition Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

To win, you have to
be competitive

Mecanizado Industrial. Mecanizado de precisión.

CNC Machining

Precision is achieved by
maintaining control.

Diseño CAD/CAM


Ingeniería Inversa

Reverse Engineering

Formación en Mecanizado

Machining Training

No matter the problem, we help you find the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Historic Vehicle

The restoration and conservation of historic vehicles is in our DNA.

We manufacture rare or non-existent spare parts and customised solutions to preserve the authenticity and splendour of your historic vehicle, keeping its legacy alive over time.

Racing Car

We want to be your leading technical partner in the racing world, providing high-performance components and specialised solutions to make your vehicle more competitive and fun.

Industrial Machining

At Takumi Parts, we stand out in industrial machining, providing precision technical solutions and mechanical manufacturing for projects of all scales. With our experience and meticulous approach, we ensure quality and excellence in every part we have made, driving the success of our customers’ industrial processes.

We offer customised and versatile solutions to address any challenge you face.

About Us

25 years of experience in merging mechanical craftsmanship mastery with technological innovation

At Takumi Parts, we are specialists in precision machining and mechanical manufacturing. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer high-quality services for single-unit and short-series manufacturing.

Our approach combines the craftsmanship process perfected over the years with cutting-edge machining technology. With meticulousness and attention to detail, we guarantee exceptional results at every process stage.

We trust our knowledge and experience to take your projects to the extra mile.
Discover the excellence we provide on each project!

Our Services

Machining and Mechanical Manufacturing

Pieza Unitaria.


Mecanizado serie corta


Mecanizado de precisión

Precision Machining

Prototipos y utillajes de manipulación y control

Prototypes and handling
& control

Engineering and design

002.1 - CAD-CAM


002.2 - Ingeniería inversa

Reverse Engineering

002.3 - Desarrollo y diseño

Development and Design

002.4 - Impresión en 3D

SLA Additive Manufacturing

Technical Consulting

003.1 - Formación en mecanizado

Machining Training

003.2 - Consultoría en medios de producción

Production Method Consulting

003.3 - Asesoría de compra y venta de vehículos clásicos

Classic Vehicle Purchase & Sale

003.4 - Búsqueda de modelos específicos


In 2022, Takumi Parts received the consideration of “Innovative Technology-Based Company” and the support of the Government of Cantabria (Spain) from the Ministry of Industry and Innovation through the Society for the Development of Cantabria (Sodercan) within the program that promotes the creation of new innovative companies with ambition and growth potential, knowledge, and skilled employment.


Takumi Parts, S.L.  has received a subsidy from the Society for the Regional Development of Cantabria (SODERCAN) for an amount of 18,487.93 euros for investment in capital goods, constitution and start-up during the period from its creation until August 2023, within the framework of the EMPRECAN plus 2023 programme.

Likewise, Takumi Parts, S.L. informs that it has obtained other aid or subsidies for executing this project and that they are compatible with other aid or subsidies.

The annual remuneration of the people who hold the administrative bodies
By the provisions of Law 1/2018, of 21 March, on Transparency of Public Activity, we inform you that the administrative and/or management bodies of the company Takumi Parts, S.L., such as the presidency, the general secretary, the management, the treasury, and the technical management, received annual remuneration and compensation totalling 21,000 euros in the 2023 financial year.

Gobierno de cantabria


Machining and Mechanical Manufacturing
– Short Series
– Precision Machining
– Prototypes and handling & control tooling

Engineering and design
– Reverse Engineering
– Development and Design
– SLA Additive Manufacturing

Technical Consulting
– Machining Training
– Production Method Consulting
– Classic Vehicle Purchase & Sale Advice
– Desired Vehicles Finder

Work Areas

Historic vehicle
Competition vehicle

Takumi Parts

About Us

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